ModelMaker 10

Seit dem 26. September ist die neueste Version von ModelMaker verfügbar. Natürlich mit Delphi 2009 support.

  • New Delphi 2009 syntax supported:
    • Generic types: for example in classes, interfaces, records and delegates.
    • Anonymous methods: the „reference to procedure“ construct is emitted as a special delegate type. Anonymous method implementations are emitted as Live Metric hints with navigation support.
    • Parsing support for the deprecated hint directive with string comment. Note: editing the hint using MM is not supported yet.
    • Other parser improvements to make the above possible: improved asm handling, improved operator keyword handling,
    • To enable Delphi 2009 syntax, make sure the pascal language mode on Project Options | General is set to D2009 win32. Selected Language mode is also displayed on the statusbar

Ich arbeite seit einem Jahr mit ModelMaker 9 und werde die Tage updaten.

Alles weiter hier.